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Alumni Spotlight 
The Smith Brothers
For the Smith family, GMC is a family affair. Throughout the years, GMC has been home to three brothers - David Smith (Prep ’02, JC 2008), Ryyan Smith (Prep 2007), and Laughlin Smith (Prep 2015).
Alumni Spotlight GMC-Augusta Class of 2019
Rachel Smock
When Rachel Smock sees an opportunity before her, she reaches for it with enthusiasm. This young GMC-Augusta alumna (Class of 2019) has accomplished much in her life and has even brighter prospects ahead for her future. Although her life’s path recently has been directly impacted by the COVID-19 pandemic, she has not let that setback stop her from seeing the bigger picture.
Alumni Spotlight 
Ashley Moore
GMC Prep School Class of 2007 Alumna Ashley Moore has taken every experience in her life and used them to make the world around her a better place. Ashley is a multifaceted and driven young professional, to say the least - a cardiac clinical specialist, nonprofit domestic violence volunteer, and a model representing women of color. This seven-year club member of GMC Prep resides in in the Las Vegas, Nevada area and has a powerful story of overcoming a painful past and making the most of her interests and passions.