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Campaign Spotlights

Khadija Hill

“My GMC experience provided me with the hope that goes beyond a simple expectation or desire for a better world. When I give to GMC, I know I am investing in a future for an institution I am committed to and students’ access to education. I am very hopeful in the experience GMC provides – rooted in service, character building, and leadership development,” shared Khadija, on why she chooses to give back.

While a student at GMC Prep, Khadija took advantage of the many opportunities the Preparatory School provides students. She played basketball and ran track, served as Drum Major for the marching band, participated in chorus and Youth Leadership Baldwin.  “I wanted to set myself up for success. I knew a GMC education would allow me to set my sights high and ultimately help me reach my goals. My mother sacrificed so I could have those opportunities,” noted Khadija.

GMC is a family affair for Khadija. She and her sister both attended GMC, and now they are joined in the alumni ranks by her nephew, niece, and a host of extended family. By giving back to a school she and her family hold so dear, Khadija can remain actively involved in GMC’s future. She shared, “I have seen the influence GMC has had and continues to have on all of our lives and how it has shaped how we participate in the world as leaders. I know I would not be in the position that I am in now without the leadership lessons and opportunities GMC afforded me.”

“I support GMC because as a recipient of the W.J. Usery Fellowship and Award, it is vital for me to pay it forward. I believe in the core values the school teaches, which strengthened my character and laid the foundation that no other academic institution or job has taught me. I want to support other students and create a pathway to explore their interests while propelling them forward.

Khadija resides in Washington, D.C., and works as Director of Development at The School of Advanced International Studies (SAIS) at Johns Hopkins University, where she is a SAIS Diversity Council member. She holds an M.S. in international relations from Troy University and a B.S. in consumer and resource economics from the University of Georgia.

GMC alumna Khadija L. Hill (Prep 2005) gives hope to students who are learning the same core values that transformed her life.