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Campaign Spotlights

Janet Ferguson and Emily Ferguson May

When we think of a family who epitomizes a heart of generosity, it is the Ferguson family. The late Dr. John H. Ferguson was a graduate of both GMC high school (1961) and the junior college (1963). He served as President of the GMC Alumni Association and at the time of his passing, was serving as an advisor to the GMC Board of Trustees as well as 1st Vice Chairperson of the GMC Foundation. 

Throughout the years, Dr. Ferguson and his wife Janet contributed in a multitude of ways to GMC, not only in service, but financially as well. Our prep school and college students greatly benefit from the Ferguson Health Services Center in Usery Hall, the Ferguson Multi-Use Basketball Court in the Kidd Center, and the Ferguson Upper Lobby in the new Prep School Annex. Now, Mrs. Ferguson and her daughter Emily have decided to take their love of GMC a step further and have established an endowed scholarship in memory of Dr. John Ferguson.

When Dr. Ferguson returned to Milledgeville to open his orthodontic practice, he and Mrs. Ferguson immediately immersed themselves into the GMC community. “From that time on I doubt he missed a year in supporting the school. GMC was his favorite place to support because he attended the school from 8th grade through GMC Junior College. His time at Georgia Military College made a true lasting impact on him and he received such an excellent education. John felt so indebted to GMC, that he wanted to try and pay it forward,” shared Mrs. Ferguson.

Dr. and Mrs. Ferguson sent their daughter, Emily May (Prep 1984), to GMC Prep School and were further impressed by the quality of the education she received. Emily, like her father before her, was positively impacted by her GMC experience. She went on to attend Emory and excelled there due to the foundation she received at GMC. After graduating from Emory, Emily earned her PharmD degree from Mercer University School of Pharmacy.  “GMC has the motto ‘Start here…go anywhere.’ GMC prepared both John and Emily for the finest colleges, “said Mrs. Ferguson. 

Mrs. Ferguson and Emily recently decided to endow a scholarship in Dr. Ferguson’s memory to bless the lives of other GMC Prep School families. “I know there has been such a need for scholarship assistance due to the pandemic and so many families having a hard time. I am excited this scholarship will help someone in need. I am sure it will bring more joy to me than the family that receives this scholarship,” shared Mrs. Ferguson.

It is this passion for giving back that sets the Fergusons apart. They do not give out of obligation, but out of a true joy in helping students and the institution that has impacted their life so much.

Mrs. Ferguson hopes that their family’s story can encourage other GMC alumni to start living out a life of generosity. “John began by giving a little bit to GMC when he didn’t have a lot to give, but he started contributing at a young age and over time, it grew into something very special,” she shared.

“I firmly believe that it is more blessed to give than receive. It truly enriches my life to support GMC. When Emily and I decided to create this scholarship, it filled my heart with joy. I know John would have absolutely loved this. It makes me feel good to think that this endowed scholarship will help students for years and years to come.”

Pictured from left to right: 

Emily Ferguson May, Emily’s daughter, Ellen Wall Sullivan, and Janet Ferguson