Prep School Word of the Week 



Word of the Week for 12/7/2018 by Macie Newell, GMC Prep Cadet  

 The act of helping someone reach the top shelf at a grocery store or the feeling of helping an elderly man load their groceries into their car or smiling when greeting the cashier who has been on his/her feet for hours—all of these actions are equitable to decency.

The instinct to help someone out, without getting anything out of it, is pure human decency in action.

When people are called decent, their natural ability to consider others is evident. I am honored to go to a school that I truly feel fosters a population of “decent” people. As a school, GMC contributes to our community, both large and small, in many ways. We have collected empty prescription bottles and sent them overseas to another country so they would have a safe place to store their pills. We hosts book drives, donating books to local schools. The books are donated and GMC Prep Students are given the opportunity to read the books to the local school children promoting literacy throughout Baldwin County. We come together as a school and support one another through academics, clubs, sports, activities, and life. As a whole, Georgia Military College Prep shows decency to one another, to our local community, and to our global community.

GMC has a population of males and females who honor the code of human decency. We have teams such as the GMC Raiders who put decency into action. The Raiders do community service for Milledgeville and for veterans. Among many things, every year, the Raiders march twelve miles to the National Veterans Cemetery, raising awareness for veteran appreciation for their sacrifices. As a Battalion, GMC students are taught to pay respect to our country. We stop and salute at the Colors, we say “yes, ma’am” or “sir” when asked a question, we hold doors for others, we return items that we find that are not ours, we are kind to one another, we stand at attention at a passing funeral procession even when it is not on campus.

These may be small examples of decency but examples of how anyone can show decency. Anyone can give back to the community by simply doing good deeds—take a stray puppy to the pound so it can find its forever home, pick up trash as you walk by it, say “please” and “you’re welcome”, or say “thank you” to the janitors. I believe that decency can easily, exponentially multiply. As Cory Booker once said, “Small acts of decency ripple in ways we could never imagine.”