Prep School Word of the Week 



Word of the Week for 8/19/2019 by Prep Cadet Ryan Barsby


Attitude has a great influence on your life. A person’s attitude is “a settled way of thinking or feeling about someone or something that is reflected in a person’s behavior.” The attitude a person has affects behavior and mood, and attitude has the ability to completely change a person’s experience and outlook.

When I was twelve, I played travel baseball for a team out of Middle Georgia. This team was very talented. Our talents led us to win the state championship in our division. Although the ending was great, the road to get to the championship was at times rocky. Instead of always thinking positively and have a good outlook, sometimes our attitudes got in the way of our team being the best that we could be. When we would not get a hit or had an error in the field our attitudes were affected. Since behavior is a direct correlation of attitude, those moments affected how we played the rest of the game. When our attitudes were good, we played well and often went deep into each tournament, sometimes to the championship. Many times people do not realize the many aspects of a day are affected by attitude. The best part of attitude is that it is directly connected to behavior; therefore, a person can choose the attitude about a situation making the person in complete control. Attitude is something that does not require talent or money; every single person can choose to have a good attitude. Attitude can ultimately be the reason a person is good at something or gets the chance to do something incredible.

A high school teacher once said to me, “You can make any situation fun, but you can also make any situation rough.” This is a good reminder that people need to approach every situation with a positive attitude and with a distinct purpose to keep a positive outlook. No one is exempt—anyone can choose to improve their attitude. When facing a difficult challenge, the problem is not always the biggest obstacle; it is the attitude about the problem that often stands as the biggest hindrance. Success in life comes from having a positive attitude and making the most out of any situation.

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