Prep School Word of the Week 



Word of the Week for 10/14/2019 by Prep Cadet Emily Arp

As I was walking down the hallway, a student accidentally bumped into me hard enough to cause my belongings to fall to the ground. Pencils, paper, and a binder full of my work scattered everywhere around me. When I leaned down to pick them up one by one, I was met with many others who stopped to help me.  After I thanked them profusely for taking time to help me, I realized they helped me without wanting anything in return. People who selflessly care about the welfare of others exhibit a sense of altruism, and the world is always in need of people who will lend a helping hand without considering the benefits for themselves first.

As our society continues to change and grow, we must keep one aspect steady: the importance of kindness and selflessness. Many people do not fully understand how important their words and actions are towards others. They can influence people to do great things, or even bad things to others; that is why it is imperative that we always think about what we say or do before we do it. We should make an effort to encourage others and spread positivity. We can easily show others how much we unconditionally care if we just take the time and offer a helping hand. Pay it forward to someone else, so they can then carry on the same mindset and aspiration to be a servant for others.

At GMC Prep School, we are driven to become better leaders of our communities. We learn what it means to show “character above all.” In order to become better leaders and develop outstanding character, we must be willing to sacrifice our own wants and time to help others and serve them. The next time you see someone looking downcast, or needing help, offer a hand to them. I am sure they will never forget that simple act of kindness because I know I didn’t.

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