Prep School Word of the Week 



Word of the Week for 11/4/2019 by Prep Cadet Jabir Saleem 

When I transferred to Georgia Military College Preparatory School my 11th grade year, I held a very specific set of “ideals” that had been molded throughout my life and previous school. Upon entering GMC Prep, I decided to join the Raiders team. Raiders is an athletic team held within Junior ROTC programs.  Raiders events consists of individual strength competitions, distance running, cross country rescue, rope bridge construction and transport, and many various mental and physical challenges. The Raiders team had a dream to be the best in the region, in the state, and in the nation. Joining a team of which I had never been a part and being surrounded by other students who knew exactly what they were doing made my first initiation into Raiders quite challenging. After weeks of practice and giving it my all, I began to truly understand the team and the team’s beliefs. The team’s “ideal” season was not to be perfect but for each member of the team to always do their best, work together as a team, and to push ourselves beyond limits we never knew we had. My coaches and my teammates showed me how to complete the obstacles and challenges at every step and turn. I had never worked with a team with the same set of “ideals” and over time, I too developed the same mental fortitude and ideals as the rest of the team. I was taught by my team leaders to be brave and to have no fear. Every day after practice I continued to do the obstacles over and over until the day came that I felt comfortable with them and eventually began overcoming challenges that came my way—both at Raiders and outside of Raiders. The ideals that held true on the competition field were the same ideals that I could carry with me in every obstacle. 

 As the number of days leading to our first competition began to diminish, I began to have doubt in the back of my head that started to hold me back. I lost sight of the ideals that the team had taught me through hard work. My team did not let my thoughts get the best of me and lifted me up when I most needed it. I remembered the goals we had set and what we believed our ideal team would be.  From our first Raiders meet until our last, I pushed hard and lived up to the ideal team player I was taught to be. We accomplished our goals by acting as a family and ended the season with a perfect connection and beliefs and ideals we could carry throughout our lives. We took on obstacles that we have never seen before. We were state champions that year but, more importantly, we cemented a mindset that will stay with us through all of life’s struggles.

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