Prep School Word of the Week 



Word of the Week for 2/4/2019 by Jayla Lawrence, GMC Prep Cadet  



The phrase “anything is possible if you dream big enough” is often told to younger children, but as they mature into young adults, people try to instill “reality” upon them. Some adults may insinuate a problem with their dreams saying, “Sure, you could pursue that career, but is it practical?” Sometimes this has a negative effect making young adults dream smaller; they may no longer want to go after the big dream they once desired. While it is important to turn dreams into achievable goals, the misunderstanding of dreaming “smaller” can cause young adults to turn away from their passions. We have all learned about the great man Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. Dr. King is a notable figure in our history because he taught us that anything is possible. Many people did not believe in the “dream” he expressed under the watchful eyes of Abraham Lincoln, and yet we, as a nation, have come so far. Dr. King pursued what he believed in, made his dream a goal, and achieved it. Dr. King’s mindset is we all need to turn dreams into reality.

When I tell people my aspirations for life they either give me a funny look or, sometimes even, laugh right in my face. I try to use their disregard for my dreams as motivation, but sometimes it strikes my confidence making me feel as if I will never make it to the places I wish to go. Taking chances brings dreams to fruition; so with the chance that even some who are reading this will balk at my dreams, I want to step out on a limb and make my dreams known. My desire, my dream is to be an actress and/or singer. The musical theatre realm brings me great joy, but I also have the very clear understanding that it can be very demanding. No dream that we authentically believe in will be easily achieved; overcoming the challenges of our dreams can sometimes be the greatest reward. I know it will take diligence and hard work, but because it is my dream I am willing to do what it takes. People like Dr. King have taught me that no matter what happens, I must keep striving for my dreams. There will be hurdles and there will be people who try to stop me, but I have to persevere and pursue my goal.

It is our duty to keep reaching for our ambitions. There is no such thing as an “impossible goal.” To dream is to believe, to believe is to love, and to love is to live. Without aspirations, the world as we know it would not exist. Dream big then take that and make it bigger because anything is possible if we truly believe in ourselves.

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