Prep School Word of the Week 



Word of the Week for 4/15/2019 by Danielle Kent, GMC Prep Cadet   

Our country was founded on convictions. People came to our country because of their convictions in order to live the live they believed in. As society continues to evolve and change, it seems that we, as a nation, have pushed religion off into a disregarded corner, categorized as a group of people with strange beliefs. Although some completely disregard religion, others have become apathetic toward religion. Our country has shifted from one that keeps religion in the background like an undercurrent. While it is not always the popular choice and despite the societal shift in our culture’s view of religion, I stand convicted in my beliefs of Christianity.

Since childhood, my mother has always taken my brother and me to church. Initially, I only went because I wanted to watch Veggie Tales and hang out with my small worship classes; however, as I grew older I found myself feeling like I went to church out of obligation rather than for the sake of worship. At age seven, I joined my mother in the chapel to hear sermons containing Biblical references that I had never before known. I felt lost and disappointed every time I got up on Sundays.

By fifth grade, we moved to a small town in Georgia: a place in the middle of nowhere, offering only prolonged weeks of raining upon our arrival. People within the community and the church gave my family the cold shoulder. The small community was too close-knit for us to break through the wall they’d built to keep us, the strangers, out. I continued going to sermons with my parents in the chapel and still having the sensation of being ostracized by people who praised and sang their hearts out for a man, Jesus, for whom I had limited knowledge. A few years, a new pastor replaced our old preacher. His messages filled me with more understanding and love than I’d ever felt in my life. Although I had hardly cracked the cover of a Bible, I suddenly comprehended what made the people around me feel intensely proud to be a Christian.

It was then that I began to feel the conviction of faith because it was then that I understood Jesus in my heart. Convictions cannot be based on misunderstandings or apathy. Convictions cannot only be understood in one’s mind. Conviction takes heart. Conviction takes passion. Conviction takes purpose. Conviction takes confidence. And with conviction everything can change. Conviction in something, whether it be beliefs, religion, morality, politics, offers the opportunity to evolve and change in ways unimaginable. “It takes but one person, one moment, one conviction, to start a ripple of change.”

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