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A Letter from Will's Parents, Edward and Marcia Robinson


Dear Friend,

Even though 22 years have passed since our son Will was last with us, the memories of his joy and spirit live on in our hearts. As a child he was feisty and full of life, always playing, having fun with friends, and even at times getting into a bit of mischief. His time as a student at Georgia Military College was full of activities and sports, especially football, where he was “Big Number 65.” As he got older, that mischievous and fun-loving little boy developed into a true servant leader. Will’s time at GMC benefited him greatly. GMC instills the all-important values of Duty, Honor and Country into its students, and Will took those values to heart.  Even as a child he desired to dedicate his life to serving others.  We always knew deep down that our son would make an impact on the world around him.

It was a dream come true for Will when he started serving as a deputy in the Baldwin County Sheriff’s Department. He had the honor and privilege of working to keep the community he loved safe, and he met some amazing people in the process. His fellow deputies in the department were not only co-workers, but also true friends to Will. They loved and pushed each other to be the best men they could be, always looking to serve others. When the Alfred P. Murrah Federal Building in downtown Oklahoma City was bombed on April 19, 1995, Will and many of his friends and fellow deputies traveled to Oklahoma to cook barbeque for the rescue workers at the bomb site. We are proud to know that just months before his untimely death, Will knew the value of giving back to others in need.

Several years ago, in a grieving attempt for all to remember Will in a manner fitting of what he stood for, we set up the Will Robinson Memorial Scholarship at GMC, something we know Will would be extremely passionate about. This scholarship is designed to help children of law enforcement attain a GMC education. We have made it our goal to work tirelessly to grow this scholarship in honor of our son’s memory, and we would greatly value your help.

You are receiving this letter today because you played a large role in Will’s life. Whether you are a cousin or uncle, fellow co-worker or GMC classmate, you impacted his life much more than you realize. We miss Will dearly, but it comforts us to know that we, as Will’s loved ones, can work together to enhance the lives of students in his name.

Will was a 3rd generation GMC Cadet. Both of his grandfathers, six of his uncles, one of his aunts, his two brothers, and his father are all proud GMC Alumni. Will's great-grandfather Moore and his grandfather Robinson both served as Chairman of the GMC Board of Trustees as well. We truly believe Will would not have been the person he was without the amazing influence of the character-based education at Georgia Military College. With your help and support, we can give deserving children of law enforcement officers the once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to attend this fine educational institution, putting them on the road to success. We hope you will join us in our efforts to make a difference in these children’s lives, because we know in our hearts that is what Will would urge us to do.  


Edward and Marcia Robinson