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The GMC Alumni Association is composed of all those persons who are graduates from either our High School, now Prep School or our Junior College divisions; any person who has been a full-time student at GMC in the Middle School, High School, now Prep School, or Junior College for not less than one (1) year, but who honorably left or withdrew from school without graduating; and those whom the Alumni Board recognize, from time to time, as honorary alumni.

We have alumni in each of the fifty states and many abroad. We are well represented in all professions including medicine, law, government, teaching, and the military. GMC has produced more than a dozen general and flag officers since our founding in 1879. We currently have many officers on active duty within all branches of the armed services.

The mission of the Association is to cultivate and influence the alumni; to provide for their life-long support; and to foster the continued future growth of the institution.

You can be involved in accomplishing this mission by referring prospective students to GMC; by talking about the school to friends; by giving to the Alumni Endowed Scholarship; by being involved in GMC events in your area and in alumni weekend each year; and by sharing your news with other alumni.



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