Thursday, March 15th  

82nd Airborne's "All American Chorus" | 7:00pm at The Goldstein Center  


Thursday, March 29th  

Military Honors Parade | Grant Parade


Thursday, April 19th 

GMC Performing Arts Presents The Swing Dolls | 7:00pm at The Goldstein Center


Friday, April 20th   

Academic Honors Parade | 8:00am on Grant Parade 

Grand Tattoo 


Friday, May 11th  

Mother's Day Parade | 8:00am on Grant Parade


Friday, May 18th

Memorial Day Parade |8:00am on Grant Parade


Friday, May 25th  

Junior College Graduation | 10:00am at Central State Hospital 

Cadet Commmisioning | 3:00pm

Prep School Graduation | 7:00pm on Grant Parade